It might seem like a dream, but it’s real: the Ice Dream at the Christmas Market

The beautiful Burgtheater on one side and the imposing Vienna City Hall on the other, rising grandly and with impressive lighting in front of the Christmassy park and Vienna Christmas Market: anyone taking all this in as they glide through the park on skates could easily believe they’re dreaming. Our tip: Ask your companion to pinch you and you’ll realise that this is no dream, but reality, and you’re making the rounds at the Ice Dream at the Christmas Market.

Fabulous fun on skates

Around 3,000 m2 of pure, smooth-as-glass ice – right in the heart of Vienna. Gliding serenely through the Rathauspark on ice skates surrounded by the atmospheric Christmas lighting on dreamy ice trails – this is a true pleasure for all the senses. The eyes feast on the magnificent backdrop of Vienna City Hall, while the ears delight in the joyful voices of skaters and the lively music, and the nose is captivated by the fragrance of fresh air and the smells of Christmas. For the final icing on the cake, a little stop for refreshments with a hot punch and tasty delicacies from the Vienna Christmas Market provides pleasure for the taste buds.

Dreamy trails and plenty of space for all abilities

Whether sporty or leisurely, beginners or advanced ice skaters: the Ice Dream at the Christmas Market provides a multitude of ways to enjoy this popular winter sport. The approximately 300 metres of dreamy trails are perfect for relaxed skating excursions through the romantic park. They connect the two large ice rinks of 400 m2 and 1,050 m2, where you can show off or practise your skills. And you don’t even need your own ice skates to do so. The skate rental point offers pre-heated ice skates for hire.

Everybody to the ice rink!

Those who have big ice skating ambitions start practising early on. The 110 square metre children’s ice skating area in the Rathauspark at the Vienna Christmas Market is the ideal opportunity to do so. Accompanied by adults, the little ones can find support from fun mascots skating alongside them until they find their feet and can glide along the smooth ice by themselves. Use of the children’s ice skating area is free of charge!

Borrowing over buying: ice skate rental

The right equipment is always on hand: for a deposit of 50 euros (or voluntary submission of a valid photo ID instead of the deposit), children’s ice skates from size 23 and free adjustable double blades/skates from size 21 to size 25 are available for hire. Free children’s helmets are also available against a cash or ID deposit. Please note that rentals are only possible with a valid ticket. You can purchase these in the online shop, at the ticket counters or via the ticket machines.

Well equipped even without your own skates

Got the spontaneous urge to go ice skating, but don’t have your equipment with you? Or don’t have any ice skates of your own? Not a problem! A skate rental point offers a total of 2,000 pairs of skates for hire. And there’s another special benefit compared to bringing your own ice skates: the skates for hire are pre-warmed with hot air.

There’s the right sized shoe for every foot:

Children’s skates from size 23
Men’s skates up to size 52
Women’s skates up to size 44

What’s more, adjustable double-bladed ice skates from size 21 to 25 as well as children’s helmets are available for the little ones free of charge and as long as stocks last.

It is only possible to hire ice skates with a valid ticket and against a cash deposit of 50 euros or a valid photo ID. You can purchase tickets in the online shop or at the on-site ticket counters. For the rental of free double-bladed ice skates or helmets, no ticket is required, but you do need to provide a deposit or photo ID.

Carefree ice skating enjoyment

On-site lockers provide the option of safely storing your regular footwear, bags or rucksacks. For just 3 euros (2.70 euros online) per locker, nothing now stands in the way of carefree ice skating fun. The ticket for a key is available in the online shop or at the

ticket counters on site. The key is handed out upon presentation of the ticket at the ice skate rental point. Dimensions of the locker: 38 cm wide, 31 cm high, 42 cm deep.

Attention: the period of use ends each day 15 minutes after the ice rinks close. It is forbidden to use the lockers outside of opening hours or to take the key with you.

Greater enjoyment on blades with grip

Blunt ice skate blades can really spoil your skating fun. How practical, therefore, that a grinding service, which is open directly on site from 11:00 to 22:00, will sharpen your blades in the blink of an eye – depending on demand. Our tip: make the wait go a little quicker with a warm mug of punch or short walk through the Vienna Christmas Market. The ice skate grinding service requires a ticket, which is available for 9 euros in the online shop or 10 euros at the counters or ticket machines on site.

Swapping school desks for ice rinks

Movement in the fresh air is good for the brain cells. This is why the City of Vienna provides a bit of variety in the school or kindergarten routine with a special promotion: all Viennese kindergartens, day care centres and schools in the primary and secondary sectors in the schools association can skate for free on schooldays when accompanied by supervisory staff (teachers, educators, day-carers, with ID)!

Free of charge on schooldays

The school promotion is valid on schooldays for classes / schools from 10 November to 3 March from 10:00 to 16:00. No advance reservation is required – tickets are available at the counters against acknowledgement of receipt. As part of the school promotion, the on-site ice skate rental services offer skates at a discounted price of 4.50 euros per pair. As long as stocks last, double-bladed ice skates in sizes 21 to 25 and children’s helmets can be borrowed free of charge.